mason pawsey


Possible Duplicate Checker

As part of a project I’m working on, I made an input form for people to submit hiking trails to. In effort to combat duplicate trails, I implemented a feature that queries our databases for locations similar to the one that the user has entered. Here’s a gif of it in action:   First, we have a JavaScript function that … Read More

ArcMap Cleaner

One of my favourite classes this past semester was a GIS class. We made maps by downloading data from the Census, manipulating the data in Excel, and then displaying the data on a map using ArcMap. We mapped everything from race and poverty to education and income. Here is the map I made for my final project The green block … Read More

The Craigslist Game

The Craigslist Game started as a way to pass the time in those boring lectures my dorm room with friends. The idea was simple: guess how much something cost on Craigslist. We clicked through thousands of items in every category across the nation, estimating how much a vintage wooden wagon wheel with missing spokes costs. I turned the game into a website … Read More

The Hover Dictionary

The idea for the Hover Dictionary first came to me after using an online thesaurus to search for synonyms, only to realize I had no idea what the words meant. I hovered over the words, expecting a brief definition but I instead got an idea. My thesaurus application would serve that very purpose. I did some research on dictionary and … Read More

Quick ‘n’ Dirty Mockups

Every developer strives to write and deploy code as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most of us have workflows that we have developed over years of building shipping code. We tweak little things, memorize keyboard shortcuts, and make Sublime snippets that fill a blank document with everything needed to get a Bootstrap page built in the least amount of keystrokes possible. … Read More