The Craigslist Game


The Craigslist Game started as a way to pass the time in those boring lectures my dorm room with friends. The idea was simple: guess how much something cost on Craigslist. We clicked through thousands of items in every category across the nation, estimating how much a vintage wooden wagon wheel with missing spokes costs. I turned the game into a website to make gameplay a more elegant experience.

Craigslist doesn’t have a public API so I query Craigslist by URL and manipulate the RSS feedback I get to display random items for sale. You’re shown the category, the title, the location, and an image of the particular item and then you have to enter into a box how much you think it costs. You’re given points for the absolute value of the delta between your guess and the actual cost. The goal is to have as few points as possible.

I designed the website to be mouse-free to make it extra easy to play while laying back with just my keyboard; the input box is automatically selected on page load and the enter key will submit your guess on first press and then advance to the next item on second press.screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-3-03-21-am